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New bimonthly publication affirms EIFS’ position as energy efficient ‘cladding of choice’

TORONTO – March 27 – The EIFS Council of Canada (ECC) has launched ‘The Choice,’ a new national newsletter targeted toward its ‘friends and members.’ The publication affirms EIFS as the energy efficient ‘cladding of choice,’ in keeping with the construction industry’s renewed commitment to sustainable and durable design.
The newsletter covers ECC’s accelerating marketing and media efforts to broaden EIFS’ influence and impact in Canada, engaging in a two- way conversation with members, friends, the media and the development and building industry in general.

A sample of actual stories includes:

  • EIFS Council Holds Largest Certification Event in North America
  • EIFS In The News: Media Coverage of EIFS and EQI
  • The EIFS Energy File, discussing mandatory energy efficiency measures for commercial and residential buildings now included in national, provincial and municipal building codes
  • Technical Section, with updates on three significant ECC initiatives

“By broadening awareness of EIFS, we’ve started along a path that will increase market share for everyone’s benefit, “commented John M. Garbin, President/CEO EIFS Council of Canada & EIFS Quality Assurance Program Inc. “The new National Energy Code contains a set of imperatives that matches perfectly with EIFS’ stated sustainable design and energy efficiency deliverables. The timing could not be more perfect.”