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Important Bulletin From  ECC President/CEO – 2018-19 EIFS Council of Canada Membership Recognition

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Construction Canada, March 2019

The Regulation of Building Materials: A Case of Municipality Trying to Control the use of EIFS.

Attention: ECC Membership

I am enclosing a PDF copy of the article that the ECC directed and placed in the March 2019 issue of Construction Canada magazine which some of you may have already seen.  The article was strategically placed to take the ECC legal advocacy efforts regarding municipal site plan control/authority onto a much broader and national platform through this publication which encompasses the entire architect/designer constituency. This Construction Canada publication also reaches municipal and provincial government offices across Canada where building design and/or approvals take place.  

You will note that some of the photos we placed are targeted to highlight the various aesthetic finish options that EIFS can deliver in an effort to counter the ‘stucco look’ exhaustion and/or historical society ‘mismatch' that some planners have attempted to argue and push back with.  Feel free to do a deeper dive into the legal arguments on this ‘aesthetic look' jurisdiction and authority that we present in the article.

ECC has rigorously maintained a proactive vigilance regarding potential municipal interference and site plan control ‘overreach’ in an effort to maintain fair and equitable access for EIFS within the Canadian construction marketplace.  To this end, ECC will continue to pursue whatever means available to ensure that EIFS rightfully maintains its well earned position at the forefront of building envelope discussions and selection.

I would be pleased to receive any questions or comments you may have on the enclosed.  Thank you for your attention regarding this very important subject.

View the article here.