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About ECC

The EIFS Council of Canada (ECC) serves as the “official voice” for the Canadian EIFS industry. A not-for-profit industry association, the EIFS Council of Canada brings together leading National companies to form a collaborative network of vested stakeholders, to achieve in concert, what a single entity would not achieve on its own. While unifying and advancing industry interests, the EIFS Council also supports individual innovation and entrepreneurial efforts. The EIFS Council is uniquely qualified to draw from its diverse membership profile, enabling it to both explore and strengthen EIFS’ growing building science foundations and end user value-proposition. In conjunction with its ongoing research, the ECC insures technology transfer through the development of training and education programs, partnering with educational institutions and professional associations across Canada. Specific initiatives include:

  • Sponsorship and technical support of EIFS’ ULC standards:
    CAN/ULC-S716.1-12 Materials| CAN/ULC-S716.2 Installation | CAN/ULC-S716.3 Design
  • Driving industry research through the National Research Council’s CCMC and private enterprise, e.g.:
    EIFS Durability | EIFS Moisture Management | EIFS Energy Efficiency | EIFS Fire Protection
  • Advocacy activities at all government levels, advancing the interests of the ECC’s membership and EIFS use:
    Municipal Planning | National and Provincial Code and Conformity Organizations | Local Authorities Having Jurisdiction and Inspectors | Energy and Natural Resource Departments
  • Development and Publication of Technical and Advisory Bulletins
  • Sponsorship of Educational Programs and Presentation Forums for designers, contractors, regulators and application mechanics
  • Participation in code development to insure EIFS fair representation and due allowances

The EIFS Council of Canada is also the generator of the EIFS Quality Assurance Program, through its subsidiary EIFS Quality Assurance Inc. (EQI). The EIFS Quality Assurance Program is the only program of its type, facilitating an integrated design/delivery process, beginning at the point of production and extending to the design process, installation and independently audited close-outs. Each stage is supported by EQI’s certification and licensing program and the end product, underwritten by a third-party, bonded warranty program. There’s no other cladding that provides this level of quality assurance, combining validated technology advancements with over 40 years of experience in this country. The ECC is proud to serve as the ‘ official voice’ of the EIFS industry in Canada.

ECC Executive

John Garbin
John M Garbin
President/CEO (ECC & EQI)

Direct Line: 416 847-9155
Office: 416-499-4000 ext. 4121
Fax: 416-499-8752

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Betty Quan
Secretary (ECC)

Phone: 416-499-4000, Ext. 4119
Fax: 416-499-8752

EIFS Council of Canada


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70 Leek Crescent
Richmond Hill, ON
L4B 1H1

ECC Board Executive Committee

John M Garbin
President/CEO (ECC & EQI)

EIFS Council of Canada &
EIFS Quality Assurance Program Inc

70 Leek Crescent
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1H1

Direct Line: 416 847-9155
Office: 416-499-4000 ext. 4121
Fax: 416-499-8752

Rafael Bao
Rafael Bao
Chairman of the Board

Adex Systems Inc.
7911 Marco Polo Avenue
Montreal, QC H1E 1N8

Tel: 514-648-1213
Fax: 514-648-9597

Andre Turrin
Andre Turrin
Vice Chairman of the Board

DuRock Alfacing International
101 B Roytec Road,
Woodbridge, ON L4L 8A9

Tel: 905-856-0133

ECC Board of Directors