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2019/2020 EIFS Council of Canada Membership Recognition

2019/2020 EIFS Council of Canada Membership Recognition

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Please find enclosed Release 1 of the 2019/2020 ECC membership roster that we issue for promotional use by our members and the EIFS industry at large across Canada.  Please note that we also publish an up to date membership roster on our website at all times for promotion of our members as well as its function as the formal acknowledgement to owners, designers and GC’s of ECC members ‘in good standing’.  Any firm found displaying our trademarks or promoting themselves as ECC members that are not recognized members will be notified accordingly and requested to cease promoting themselves as such.  We thank and appreciate as well as encourage the ongoing efforts of our ECC members in alerting us of these situations as they come across them.

This promotional piece will be updated on a continual basis and released every 4 months to the industry at large through e-mail blasts, social media and other relevant industry publications.  You can assist in this effort by displaying or circulating this ECC member broadcast to any and all of your customers or industry contacts as well.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the ECC!

Best Regards,
John M. Garbin
EIFS Council of Canada