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EIFS Council of Canada launches landmark ECC EIFS Practice Manual


Toronto, Ontario – The EIFS Council of Canada (ECC) has launched its highly anticipated ECC – EIFS Practice Manual.  The EIFS Practice Manual is the most comprehensive and up to-date user guide for EIFS industry professionals currently available in the EIFS marketplace. It is provided at no cost to all interested parties involved with EIFS and can be obtained exclusively via the ECC website: www.eifscouncil.org.

“We have developed this unique educational and promotional tool to clearly and authoritatively explain the appropriate design and use of EIFS as a leading exterior cladding of choice,” commented John M. Garbin, President/CEO of the EIFS Council of Canada “The ECC is excited to be able to provide the entire building industry with this new landmark user resource
for EIFS.”

Specifically, the Manual delivers:

a) A thorough understanding of Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) in a format that is highly useful to property owners, architects, building designers and specifiers, building code officials, building inspectors, EIFS manufacturers , EIFS distributors and EIFS contractors;

b) Recommendations for EIFS design and installation best practices that promote satisfactory performance and durability;

c) A complement to the ULC S716 series of standards and clear insight into the technical requirements fundamental to those standards; and,

d) A comprehensive visual and written framework for functional construction details and specifications that illustrate EIFS acceptable design and construction practices.

The details and illustrations section of the Manual as well as the rest of the Manual clearly establishes a new quality benchmark as far as building industry publications are concerned.

The Manual can be viewed online as an E-Book or downloaded in a PDF file on mobile devices.  Either option can be accessed using the dedicated access button on the ECC’s website’s homepage. Users will be asked to register and subsequently receive a password via e-mail to obtain either version. As a purely electronic document and in keeping with the ECC’s green publishing protocols, electronic updates to the Manual will be provided as they become available. User registration information will assist in dissemination of update releases as they occur.

About the EIFS Council of Canada
Founded in 1987, the ECC, a national not-for-profit industry trade association, represents the overall EIFS industry in Canada. The ECC membership is comprised of EIFS manufacturers, distributors, component suppliers, contractors, building science/design consultants, affiliates and financial services companies. The ECC serves as the “official voice” of the EIFS industry with a mandate to provide for the advancement and growth of the industry across the country, through advocacy, education and marketing.
For more information, visit www.eifscouncil.org.

Contact: John M. Garbin
President/CEO EIFS Council of Canada & EIFS Quality Assurance Program Inc,  jgarbin@eifscouncil.org, 70 Leek Crescent, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1H1, Direct Line: 416 847-9155, Office: 416-499-4000 ext. 121, Fax: 416-499-8752,
Email: jgarbin@eifscouncil.org