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Following similar events across Canada, more than 180 EIFS industry personnel participated in recent Toronto EIFS Quality Assurance Program review and exam sessions.

TORONTO – The EIFS Council of Canada’s (ECC) industry-leading EIFS Quality Assurance Program (EQI) recently held EQI Technical Review Manual (TRM) review and EQI exam sessions in Toronto, with more than 180 EIFS Mechanics, Manufacturer Reps and EQI Auditors participating. Well over 625 individuals have participated in similar sessions held across the country to date.

Throughout 2012, the ECC will broaden the influence and impact of its industry-leading EQI across the Canadian construction sector. This ongoing roll-out and groundbreaking effort is in keeping with the construction industry’s growing commitment to sustainable and performance-based design and builds on EIFS’ current position as the “cladding of choice.” The EQI is the first certified quality assurance program for any cladding system in North America. The large number of registered participants across the country shows conclusively that there is an EQI groundswell of acceptance from all industry stakeholders.

“I would suggest that it is probably the largest one-time gathering ever in North America of EIFS industry personnel writing a certification exam of any kind,” commented John M. Garbin, President/CEO, EIFS Council of Canada. “In fact, it may rank up there as one of the largest events of its kind in the overall construction industry.”

The EIFS Council of Canada (ECC) formed a not-for-profit corporation called the EIFS Quality Assurance Program Inc. (EQI). EQI owns the intellectual property rights and trademarks of the EIFS QAP and will be responsible for the overall operation of the program. EQI has several key components: Research & Development, Standards & Specifications, Manufacturer Evaluation, Accreditation & Licensing, Contractor Accreditation & Licensing, Mechanic Certification & Licensing, Documentation, Site Auditor Certification & Licensing, Conflict Resolution, and 3rd Party Warranty.

About the EIFS Council of Canada
Founded in 1987, the ECC, a national not-for-profit industry trade association, represents the overall EIFS industry in Canada. The ECC membership is comprised of EIFS manufacturers, distributors, component suppliers, contractors, building science/design consultants, affiliates and financial services companies. The ECC serves as the “official voice” of the EIFS industry with a mandate to provide for the advancement and growth of the industry across the country, through advocacy, education and marketing. For more information, visit www.eifscouncil.org.

EIFS Council of Canada/EIFS Quality Assurance Program Inc. Contact: John M. Garbin, President/CEO, 70 Leek Crescent, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1H1, Direct Line: 416 847-9155, Office: 416-499-4000 ext. 121, Fax: 416-499-8752, Email: jgarbin@eifscouncil.org

Canadian EIFS industry personnel attend EIFS Quality Assurance Program review and exam sessions in Toronto