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DocumentsEQI Quality Assurance Program

Developed to ensure consistent industry standards, the EQI Quality Assurance Program enhances EIFS performance and acceptance. EQI delivers a positive and efficient, design, bidding and construction process for building owners, design professionals, manufacturers and contractors.

When Architects and Designers specify EIFS, the EQI Quality Assurance Program obtains the following:

  1. Assurance of the of the licensed EIFS manufacturer, contractor and mechanic’s qualifications
  2. A third party EIFS warranty
  3. An EQI-certified auditing firm that reviews the installation on its behalf  in addition to outside third party inspection firms

There are nine EQI program all working together to provide the highest confidence level that Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems will be installed correctly to highest possible industry standards. These components are as follows:

  1. Research & Development – EIFS manufacturers carry out Research & Development continually.
  2. Standards & Specifications – Both the recognition of existing relevant standards and developing new standards and specifications as required.
  3. Manufacturer Evaluation, Accreditation & Licensing – The manufacturer’s products and systems are evaluated against established criteria to license the manufacturer to participate in EQI.
  4. Contractor Accreditation & Licensing – The EIFS trade contractor is accredited based upon compliance with all EQI requirements .
  5. Mechanic Certification & Licensing – EIFS mechanics (installers) undertake a certification process in accordance with ISO 17024. Conformity assessment – General guidelines for bodies certifying proper EIFS installation knowledge and confirming them against industry standards.
  6. Documentation – The contractor must document the installation process to confirm that EIFS is installed according to project requirements.
  7. Site Audits – Each project has site audits conducted according to EQI protocols.
  8. Data Base – Results of site audits will be tracked to assist all parties in continual improvement.
  9. 3rd Party Warranty – The EQI program provides for third-party warranty assurance.

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