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EIFS Retrofit for Tatry Non-Profit Housing Corporation, Mississauga, ON – Ontech Building Consultants

Project Summary

Project Name

EIFS Retrofit for Tatry Non-Profit Housing Corporation


Ontech Building Consultants

EIFS System

DuROCK Alfacing International

EIFS Contractor

Demspi General Contracting Inc.


A major advantage of using an EIFS system is the wide range of design options made available. EIFS comes in a variety of textures and colour, thus offering the designer a number of choices with which to express their talent and creativity. Along with offering numerous options when it comes to colour and texture finishes, EIFS also offers the flexibility of being shaped into almost any design or form by the use of mould profiles. In short EIFS can provide an attractive lightweight and energy saving cladding system for a building.

As the building is occupied, the use of EIFS and sealant applications offers resident convenience; the retrofit option of renovating a building exterior doesn’t hinder the lives of people living inside the building.

With all other interior insulation systems or even window replacements, there is a significant disruption to the lives of the people living in the building. Therefore this repair solution would be considered an EIFS retrofit by adding a continuous bonded/mechanically fastened EPS board to over the existing EIFS to thicken the overall insulation layer from 100 mm to a maximum of 150 mm to maintain the fire rating system.

The new superimposed exterior insulated finish system to the building envelope’s entire footprint limits corresponding to the EIFS face elevations, from the 2nd floor to the 13th floor level including the rooftop mechanical room. This work would generally include surface preparation to restore existing lamina/EPS boards that is damaged or otherwise unsound, application of air & water resistive barrier, flashing membrane, transition membrane, fibreglass mesh, superimposed rigid  expanded polystyrene insulation with drained system, stainless steel mechanical fasteners, reinforced base coat, top coat with architectural stucco finish along with new joint caulking applications.
The work would include for the reinstatement of all elements as affected by the work including extensions of metal flashings at wall and/or roof junctures, window sills, light fixtures, extensions of exhaust louvres, vents, service penetrations and all existing elements attached to the building envelope affected by the new superimposed EIFS.

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