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AquaBlu Condominiums, Grimsby, ON – KNYMH Architecture Inc.

Project Summary

Project Name

AquaBlu Condominiums


KNYMH Architecture Inc.

EIFS System

DuROCK Alfacing International

EIFS Contractor

Imperatore Construction Inc.


With an abundance of glass, contemporary detailing and lively asthetics, AquaBlu is a premium lakefront development. A mixture of black contemporary brick and 4 complimenting tones of EIFS were incorporated. Large windows are evident throughout the project, and are not limited to only the street faces but all sides. Balconies and terraces have been provided to add interest and depth to the façade. Set in a growing lakeside community, the facade design is a continuation of its lakeside locale using textures and colours associated with the environment. The colour flexibility of EIFS allowed for a distinct colour palette of blue, white, beige, and gray being representative of water, sand, earth, and stone respectively. Strategically located throughout the building, ‘modules’ of the multiple eifs colours create a visually striking building with a unique ‘aqua blue’ colour providing a vibrant impact not typically found on most buildings. Windows have been generally set with horizontal orientation and use continuous vertical elements to create a vertical emphasis. Reveal lines in the EIFS have been added, aligned with the window frames, to both accentuate the windows as well as continue the modular theme of the contemporary design. The clean design of the facade allows the large windows and EIFS detailing to speak for themselves rather than clutter the facade with traditional detailing elements such as mouldings and trim.

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