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1st Avenue Residence, Montreal, QC – Guillaume Marcoux, Architecture Microclimat

Project Summary

Project Name

1st Avenue Residence


Mr. Guillaume Marcoux from Architecture Microclimat

EIFS System


EIFS Contractor

Isolation RM


The clients, a family with two young children, originally looked at a field to build a new home in a borough of Montreal. Their land, formerly occupied by an abandoned house, has a large backyard facing south, which was the main inspiration for the project. The clients opted for a renovation of the abandoned house in order to re-use some of the structural elements and use a moisture drainage EIFS cladding system on the back façade facing south. For the overall neighborhood, the revitalization of this house was a blessing.

The EIFS cladding system permitted the architects to create a majestic triangular projection protecting the clients from exterior weather elements when using their balcony. The contrast of the white acrylic coatings with black windows provides a modern look appealing to the eye.

The EIFS cladding assembly was provided in a white colour (high albedo) to prevent solar gains from the façade which faces south. The EIFS cladding assembly improved the energy performance of the envelope which is in relation with reducing the overall carbon footprint by the clients operating the house.

From the interactive and efficient support in preliminary plans and drawings to back and forth discussions during the construction phase with the active participation of the EIFS contractor, these are the factors made this project successful. The devotion of passionate design professionals, manufacturer and contactors truly transpire on the 1st avenue residential project.

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