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Program Overview

The auditor’s role is to perform the EIFS installation onsite review checking on the following:

  1. The EQI-licensed contractor and mechanic is using the correct materials and components for a given EIF System.
  2. The EQI-licensed contractor and mechanic is following the EQI licensed manufacturer’s installation instructions and contract specifications and drawings.
  3. The EQI-licensed contractor is completing required documentation and is utilizing the correct ratio of licensed mechanics.

The auditor is responsible for the following:

  1. Organize and schedule audits under EQI direction.
  2. Check and record that required materials and components are being installed.
  3. Check and record environmental conditions.
  4. Check and record storage and handling of materials.
  5. Check and record ratio of licensed mechanics.
  6. Visual review of EIFS installation.
  7. Fully and accurately complete the latest version of the EQI Audit Form.
  8. Submission of the Audit Form electronically to EQI in a timely manner, along with photo log.

The Auditor shall not be responsible for:

  1. Design review including checking that the selected EIF system meets Building Code requirements.
  2. Modifications to existing problematic or missing design details. Suggestions can be made but the decision to make a detail change is the responsibility of the design authority. The auditor reserves the right to request clarification from the EQI licensed contractor for incomplete or problematic details. It will be expected that this clarification will come from the design authority. For standard installation details requiring clarification, the EQI licensed manufacturer will be contacted. Such clarifications are to be documented by the Auditor.
  3. Review and approval of the substrate conditions.
  4. Concealed conditions components installed prior to the auditors visit.
  5. Performing an audit if there is improper safety practices observed (i.e. no engineered swing stage or scaffolding design). Travel time and expenses would still apply.
  6. Deficiencies that are documented but not corrected by the EQI licensed contractor.

EQI Auditor Accreditation Guidelines

To become accredited by the Quality Assurance Program used by EQI an Auditing Firm must COMPLETE ALL OF THE FOLLOWING:


  • Each applicant FIRM must at the time of application for certification, have been in business for a minimum period of 5 (five) years and/or have demonstrated experience in the Exterior Insulation & Finish Systems industry.
  • Each firm must provide a minimum of $2,000,000 General Liability Insurance and a minimum of $1,000,000 (per occurrence) and $1,000,000 (term) Professional Liability Insurance.
  • Certification will be terminated should a member company go bankrupt or into receivership.
  • Certification is non transferable.


Each INDIVIDUAL applicant must carry a professional designation, or be under the supervision of an individual who does. Professional designations include the following:

  • Persons who hold a certificate of authorization within the meaning of the Professional Engineers Act.
  • Persons who hold a certificate of practice within the meaning of the Architect’s Act.

Each INDIVIDUAL applicant must at the time of application for certification, have a minimum period of 2 (two) years experience in the Exterior Insulation & Finish Systems industry. Each individual to provide two (2) references from recognized industry stakeholders (i.e. EQI Licensed Manufacturer or EQI Licensed Auditor from a different firm).

Fee Schedule
Accreditation Year runs from January 1st – December 31st of each year. These fees cannot be Pro-Rated. Fees are subject to change. The current fee schedule is as follows:

Company Firm

  1. Initial Accreditation Fee – $650
  2. Annual Renewal Fee – $500
  3. Exam Session – $300.00

Individual Representatives

  1. Initial Certification Fee – $250
  2. Annual Renewal Fee – $125

SPECIAL NOTE: All requirements for accreditation must be fulfilled prior to the Auditor being listed as EQI Certified.

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