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EQI Quality Assurance Program

Developed to ensure consistent industry standards, the EQI Quality Assurance Program enhances EIFS performance and acceptance. EQI delivers a positive and efficient, design, bidding and construction process for building owners, design professionals, manufacturers and contractors. There are nine program components all working together to provide the highest confidence level that exterior insulation and finish systems will be installed correctly with the highest industry standards, underpinned by ISO 9000 standards.

Architects and Designers who engage the EQI Program can be confident they are applying state-of-the-art details, methods and materials for EIFS projects that will be properly executed. The EQI Program is premised on providing access to expert technical support and a library of critical details not only for EIFS, but also for transitions to other enclosure assemblies such as windows and roofs. Continuing education is also available to designers in the proper application of the CAN/ULC-S716.3 Standard for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) – Design Application. Through EQI, the available continuing education, technical support and documentation will reduce the amount of work and risk.

Specifically, when Architects and Designers specify EIFS, the EQI Quality Assurance Program obtains the following:

  1. Assurance of the of the licensed EIFS manufacturer, contractor and mechanic’s qualifications
  2. A third party EIFS warranty
  3. An EQI-certified auditing firm that reviews the installation on its behalf  in addition to outside third party inspection firms

Please click here to request the following documents.

  1. EQI Master Specification: EQI has developed a master specification guide to assist Architects and Building Owners to specify EIFS properly.
  2. EIFS Practice Manual: EQI utilizes the EIFS Practice Manual to assist Architects and Building Owners.
  3. What is an On-Site Quality Assurance Program:  The on-site quality assurance program is the result of a variety of initiatives that provide a level of assurance that a specific product is installed correctly or a specific service is being provided to the highest possible standards. The document describes onsite and other related components of the EQI program.
  4. Master Specification Document: The master specification document was written following the recommendations of the Construction Specifications Canada (CSC) Manual of Practice, including the most current versions of MasterFormat™, SectionFormat™ and PageFormat™.

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How to Participate

For Architect and Designers, participation is simple and straightforward. Once an EQI project is registered the designer will specify EIFS and EQI as outlined in the Master Specification and that project’s specific drawings and details are then prepared.

To assist the designer, licensed EQI manufacturer details/specifications and the EIFS Practice Guide are available.


  1. EQI Master Specification: EQI has developed a master specification guide to assist Architects and Building Owners to specify EIFS properly. Click here for the document
  2. EIFS Protocol Document: The document describes the EQI program. Click here for the document.
  3. Design Professional or Owner Intent To Register EQI Projects: Please use this form if you are a Design Professional or Owner wanting to register any EQI specified projects. Click here for the document.